How I Ate Junk Food and Still Lost Weight for MMA Fights

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I got a question regarding binge eating and weight loss from our friend who is a teenager doing Brazilian Jiujitsu and martial arts. They say they tend to diet well for a while and then binge eat for a couple of days and then back to a good diet.

This viscous cycle is really killing their weight loss goals which they are trying to do through exercises and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Now they sent the question to me because they knew I was an overweight kid growing up and overcame it and wanted to see if I had any tips.

So in this video I share a dieting tip that was really helpful back when I was cutting weight for MMA fights.

The tip is simple, but it really helped me not binge eat after a rough day of training or a bad day outside of the gym.

For many of us, food has a lot of emotional attachments to it. It can pick us up or make us feel good. And we often associate bad food with good memories. Embracing this, you can use it periodically to treat yourself rather than deprive yourself.

I hope the tip is useful to you!
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