ARC/ORNL 2018 High School Summer Math-Science-Technology Institute Final Presentations

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The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)/Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) High School Summer Math-Science-Technology Institute is a two-week summer program that provides high school students and teachers from the Appalachian region the opportunity to work with scientists from ORNL on inquiry-based, applied projects in science, math, and research-related computer technology.

The 2018 ARC/ORNL Summer Institute participants include 13 high school teachers and 36 high school students. These 49 participants are from 10 states within the Appalachian region, and are chaperoned by four Resident Teachers. The 2018 participants are distributed into 10 research teams: four of the research teams are comprised of teachers, and six teams are comprised of students.

The ARC/ORNL Summer Institute is administered for ARC by ORAU and culminates with group presentations by students and teachers about their projects and research findings. The goals of the ARC program are to:

* Encourage more high school students to continue their studies beyond high school;
* Encourage more students to pursue careers in the projected shortage areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM); and,
* Raise the quality of STEM instruction in high schools throughout the region. Progress in each of these three areas provides economic benefits to the Appalachian region.

In addition to research, many other activities are incorporated into the program to promote teamwork, expose students to college opportunities, and promote pride in the cultural richness and historical importance of the Appalachian region.

An overview of the ARC, ORNL and ORAU and their respective goals and activities can be found at:


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