A Few Places to Visit in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State Offers Bourbon, Horse Racing, and Fun Kentucky is home to the annual Derby, as well as other attractions for tourists. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has much to offer the would-be visitor. Rather than just the land of bluegrass music or undeveloped Appalachian land, Kentucky has places of interest for visitors looking to … Read more

Great Bourbon Whiskeys

Bourbon whiskey is America’s national spirit, and enthusiasts have hundreds of labels to choose from. These five brands are great for any bourbon buyer. Named after the Kentucky county to which it owes much of its storied history, bourbon whiskey is the definitive American spirit. Associated with both outlaws and aristocrats, bourbon’s intricate identity is … Read more

21c Museum Hotel in Louisville is a Unique Place

A hotel that is a museum that is a hotel deserves a look when considering a stay in Louisville. Ten years ago downtown Louisville was dying. Six years ago, contemporary art collectors, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson noticed this and decided to do something about it. They live near Louisville and are concerned with … Read more

Heritage and Hospitality on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Steeped in history and surrounded by nature, distilleries of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail welcome newcomers and connoisseurs of whiskey. The tour bus opened its doors and the Kentucky summer heat rushed in. White stone buildings lined a narrow lane, iron tracks paralleled the roadway, and several painters worked leisurely at their easels. At the Woodford … Read more

Lexington, KY: Something Old, Something New

Lexington, while building a new city center has plenty to see from the past Lexington, Kentucky is a city on the move. In 2010 it installed a new mayor and the city has taken care to shake up the status quo. He has invited the owners of the 21c Museum Hotel, headquartered in Louisville, to … Read more

Avoid Kentucky Derby Ticket Scams

There are nasty people out there who want to cheat people out of their money. Don’t be a victim! THREE TICKET BUYING FUNDAMENTALS: 1. The safest place to buy tickets is from the host venue itself. 2. When the host venue is sold out or all the good seats are gone, go to reseller for … Read more