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Keely VonBank
GM, Moxie Bread Co
Louisville, CO
Interviewed on Monday, April 13, 2020

I’m Keely VonBank with Moxie Bread Co in Louisville, Colorado.

So in the first stages of the crisis, we definitely feared, “What are we going to do? Are we going to have to shut our doors or are we going to have to lay our employees off? And then as we introduced the online store, our business is actually selling and doing better than it ever has based off of fielding quicker transaction times and also we turned it into a marketplace.

Before the crisis we grew, we had 36 employees. Now we have 42.

It’s something that you take with such pride because you’re able to create an income and a livelihood for people.

It has been the biggest, best business decisions that we never even knew were out there or had to be made.

Our fan base of customers, that were loyal fans, are now forever community supporters. and that it’s almost like we renewed our vows with our current customer base And we’re going on to the next chapter with a stronger trust, a stronger loyalty, and it’s been extremely positive all around.

We’re never going to throw the towel in, we’re never just gonna give up. And so I knew something would work, I just didn’t know how it would look.

So thankful all around, but we just knew that we weren’t going to give up.

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