Essentials In my Gym Bag for BJJ Competitions (Food, Gear, Etc)

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What do I put in my gym bag for BJJ tournaments? I get this question pretty often.

But recently, there was a fun story from the IBJJF No Gi Pans which made me consider actually doing the video.

I was sitting in on the 1st day watching matches and a brown belt from Marcelo Garcia’s gym and I were talking. One of his teammates didn’t have the proper clothing to compete.

Jirel took out a spare set of shorts he had and handed them off to him. Then jokingly looked at me and said I should make a video on what to bring for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournaments.

While it was a joke, I think it was a great idea.

I know that many times there are so many questions for new competitors. So if I can share a few tips, why not.

In this video I share the stuff I bring with me to Brazilian Jiujitsu tournaments.

I include the gear I bring.

The food and supplements I bring or use.

And I also include the type of tools I use to warm up with prior to the match.

If you’ve got a BJJ competition or match coming up. Then I hope this video proves useful to you and gives you some ideas on the types of things you should bring with you for tournaments.

Thanks for watching and I hope the video was helpful.
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