Freshly made TOFU // Louisville, KY

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With not much time to spare before a concert, we swing by Heart & Soy for some good old fashioned asian food to-go. This casual restaurant is known for their homemade tofu and soy milk that they make in house in their on-site production facility. We order some appetizers, a bahn mi sandwich, a pad thai and a desert to share after the concert. Although we didn’t sample any of the food on camera we ate every last bite and it was all delicious. The tofu was some of the best we’ve ever had and the pad thai and the bahn mi hit the spot, with the taro root pudding being a perfect way to finish out the meal. While at Heart & Soy we also walked over to their other restaurant located in the same building, Roots, which is a more upscale sit down restaurant with an expansive menu of mouthwatering vegan dishes. Be sure to check out either one of these restaurants the next time you are visiting Louisville!

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