Taco Bell Homeless Kicked Out of Louisville Kentucky Restaurant

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While trying to buy dozens of meals for nearly 20 homeless people at a local Taco Bell, one woman said she and everyone else was kicked out of the restaurant.

This all took place in Louisville, Kentucky after 44-year-old Shannon Gridley says she offered to pay for dinner for the group of homeless people–drawing on inspiration from a biography of Eddie Murphy, who often did the same thing as a young comedian.

As soon as they approached the restaurant, Gridley claims the bathrooms were kept locked and an employee announced the dining room was closed around the time they were ordering. Gridley began protesting- asking to speak to a manager and that’s when she and her guests were kicked out.

Accusing the restaurant of discrimination, she tells local new source WHAS, quote, “I’m not asking for special treatment, I’m asking for humane treatment.”

An employee says this location is under strict orders not to allow homeless people to come into the store to use the restrooms.

Taco Bell has since addressed the incident in a statement to WHAS that “The franchise organization that owns and operates this location is looking into the matter and will be proactively re-training its team members on its policies.”

This discrimination and harassment needs to stop y’all!

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