How To Do a Kentucky Bourbon Tour. A Beginner’s Journey.

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Are you ready to gain a deeper appreciation for bourbon and whisky, and this phenomenon that is sweeping the globe? Join me at my Vlog site as I take an 8-day, 19 distillery tour of Kentucky and Tennessee. I’ll share, maps, tips, and distillery details so you can plan your own bourbon tour!

Every one of those bottles and glasses have a story. I look forward to sharing them with you. Here are some of the distilleries I visited:

Barton’s 1792
Buffalo Trace
Evan Williams Tasting Experience
Four Roses Distillery
George Dickel Distillery
Glenn’s Creek Distillery (Old Crow facility)
HeavenHill Distillery
Jack Daniel’s Distillery
Jim Beam (Urban and American Stillhouse)
Kentucky Artisan Distillery (Jefferson’s)
Maker’s Mark
Old Forester Distillery
Stitzel-Weller Distillery (Bulleit)
Town Branch (AllTech)
Wild Turkey Distillery
Wilderness Trail Distillery
Willits Distillery
Woodford Reserve Distillery

I also found some excellent tasting bars along the way and will pass on those details.

This initial video will give you a little background on why I wanted to do the tour, the concerns I had in doing a solo whiskey tour and the purpose behind creating the vlog.

Also, share any experiences you’ve had from our tours. You can do that here or at

My name is Drew Hannush. I am an entrepreneur and proud member of Generation X. Recently I had a pretty big age milestone sneak up on me. It make me take stock of my life and I realized I had been ignoring the one thing I enjoy the most…travel.

With a light laptop and well-packed back, I’m taking off across the globe on a mission of discovery. Subscribe to my YouTube channel as I work out my skills as a Vlogger and journeyman, while keeping up my 9-5 business at home.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully inspiring you on to your own travels!


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