Part 4: 2019 Kentucky Derby DRAMA & DQ History is Made

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Hi, I am Carolyn, RVrebel Girl. I travel all over the US in my KZ Escape 18 foot travel trailer towed by my Ford Explorer. I belong to Boondockers Welcome which allows me to camp for free at some unique places like The Palm Tree Farm on Pine Island Florida, 100Aker Woods in East Tennessee and The Grove just to name a few.

I travel solo with my 4 legged family companion RV Diva Danni. She is a 2 year old Morkie between 4.5-5 pounds looking for K9 ❤️ Love on the road.

We are retired because life is too short and tomorrow is not promised, so Im not gonna put off till tomorrow what Im healthy enough to do today.

Please join me on my travels. I am a part time RV’r, still need the home base to nest cuz the RV isn’t big enough for all my cowgirl boots and my cloths, but I am workin on it.

This winter has been great! I once again attended the RTR in Quartzsite Az meeting up with other RV and Van dwellers.

If you wish to donate to my adventure expenses you can purchase a RVRebel Girl Sticker for .00 or donate to my Tip jar:

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If you prefer to write me personally rather than post your comments you can send your letters to:

Carolyn Giacchetti
PO Box 6283
Aurora Ill 60598

Thanks for supporting my videos by watching my channel.

Camera equipment: Apple IPhone 8 Plus, GoPro Hero 5
GetJet lapel Mic (, RODE VideoMicro (BestBuy),

Internet Support: WeBoost Auto/RV (BestBuy)

Editing Program:; YouTube (Google) and IMovie, Apple.

Music: YouTube Library,
Good Friend by Audionautix, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license (

Royalty Free Music, .Inspire, photoalbum, memories, littleidea, hey, countryboy

If you would like you can also send for an RVrebel Girl Sticker send me a self addressed envelope to my PO Box above and my next stop back in the midwest I will send one to you . Stickers are . I will send a sticker out to you as soon as I return to my home base. If you are going to the RTR please stop by my camp and say “Howdy”

You can also support my channel by purchasing a RVrebel Girl Mug at::

Thank you for your support, I appreciate your loyalty to my channel, see ya on the road,


My Email is: [email protected]

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