Top 15 Things To Do In Lexington, Kentucky

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Here are top 15 things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
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1. University of Kentucky Art Museum –
2. Get your wings at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky –
3. Wander the graves of Lexington Cemetery –
4. Alltech’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. –
5. Get in the saddle at the Kentucky Horse Park –
6. Get away from it all at the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary –
7. Enjoy local company and crafts at West Sixth Brewing –
8. Mary Todd Lincoln House (Back Porch) –
9. See the elegant Waveland State Historic Site –
10. Dance your way to the Festival of the Bluegrass –
11. Start the day at Windy Corner Market –
12. Have a cool brew at Third Street Stuff & Coffee –
13. Tour the endless rooms of the Henry Clay estate –
14. Sample the south in the Blue Door Smokehouse –
15. See where the city began at McConnell Springs –

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