02-14-19 Louisville, KY – Ohio River Flooding

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0:00 River Road becomes the river; elevating to background of Louisville Skyline
0:27 Louisville Boat Club needs boats to get around
0:32 Riverside neighborhood under water
0:39 The Ohio river over a bridge that would normally cross a tributary
0:45 High water signs on river road are partially submerged
0:51 A driver attempts to drive over a flooded bridge
1:03 Two drivers drive across a flooded bridge, the second with a child in a carseat
1:33 A worker is late to Captain’s Quarters Restaurant and plows through the flood
1:44 Homes at Juniper Beach have their entire first floor submerged
1:56 Flooding extends inland past Juniper Beach
2:10 Turner’s Pool barely has the diving boards above water
2:15 Drone footage facing West towards downtown Louisville with The Water Tower in view
2:20 Debris collects around buildings
2:25 Some roads are 4-5ft deep
2:30 River Road BBQ is fighting to stay afloat
2:38 A gas station is closed for business, except maybe to boats
2:46 Homeowners along the river must use boats to gain access
3:02 Normally you would see a riverwalk under the 2nd Street Bridge, water here is about 20ft deep in front of the home of the Louisville Cardinals basketball team.
3:13 Only the tops of light poles are visible in Waterfront Park
3:19 Driftwood collects on “The Great Lawn”. Roughly the size of a football field is submerged
3:23 Water spews out of a pipe next to a submerged car from a previous water rescue
3:28 An abandoned car floating in flood waters, turn around don’t drown!
3:34 Even in the downtown area, streets are flooded, while Interstate 64 looms overhead
3:39 Railroad tracks look more like a boat ramp

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