240lbs College Wrestling Champion Went Easy During The Takedowns

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Recently during one of our No Gi BJJ sessions a friend of ours brought in a stout 240lbs college wrestler who is currently in off season and stopped by for some training.

During the BJJ training you’ll see me rolling with my Brown Belt, Purple Belt and a White Belt. Then I roll with the young wrestler.

I’ll probably have to have this guy on the channel sometime to talk because he has an incredibly story along with my student Tom who helped him.

During the takedowns with Brandon he was being very smooth and easy with me. He was the 2019 NAIA heavyweight Wrestling champion and weighs around 240lbs.

So, don’t let the video full you! He could absolutely ran me through the wall if he wanted to, so I appreciated the movement and not beating me down like the old man I am compared to him.

And I think this is a beautiful fact about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. You can adjust your level with the person you’re going with. Brandon took his level down a little bit and moved on the mat with me just like I might do with one of my Purple or Blue Belts.

Hope you guys enjoy the rolling from this weeks video!
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