Shawn Mendes The Tour Q & A at Louisville , Kentucky , USA 3 August 2019

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Fan: “If you could rename yourself, what name would you pick?”

Shawn: “Cheyenne!”

Fan: “You travel a lot, what’s your favorite view?”

Shawn: “There’s this one in London. The [hotel] I always stay at, I’ve stayed there for 5 years. It has the most incredible view.”

Fan: “What’s your creative process for creating a tour?”

Shawn: “There’s a lot of people involved. There’s probably 15-20 people involved. There’s a big text chain, it goes back and forth between me and Zubin who are creating the music side of it and we send it to the people who create the production and lighting. It takes months, actually. We’ll probably start working on the next tour right as we’re ending this one.”

Fan: “What does happiness mean to you?”

Shawn: “Happiness… I don’t think I have the ability to answer this quickly. I’d have to think about that, I don’t wanna say something stupid, I most likely will!”

Fan: “What’s the last movie you’ve seen?”

Shawn: “The last movie I saw was… Have you seen ‘Us’? Real scary, fear in my bones. I actually had to try watching it 3 times because I kept turning it off cause I was getting scared.”

Fan: “Your birthday is Thursday right?”

Shawn: “It depends, what day is it now? It’s on the 8th, I know that!”

Fan: “How are you gonna celebrate your birthday?”

Shawn: “I’m gonna be in New York. I’m gonna be celebrating my birthday as expected as a 21 year old.”

Fan: “What song that’s not yours do you have the strongest emotional connection to?”

Shawn: “So many songs. You know what song got me really welled up? Ed has a song on his last album called ‘Save [Myself]’, which is a really, super beautiful song.”

Fan: “I’m about to leave for college, what do you do to stay close with your family?”

Shawn: “FaceTime them everyday. I FaceTime my parents so much, I just think it’s just really important.”

Fan: “Is there something you do before shows now that you didn’t do on the European leg of tour?”

Shawn: “Yeah, I take my time. I don’t rush, I don’t judge myself so much. I just pick up my guitar and I sing.”

Fan: “What was your most fun album to make?”

Shawn: “My last album! I got to go to Jamaica. I was on the beach, I wasn’t doing much working.”

Fan: “How was it working with Chance The Rapper?”

Shawn: “Chance is the coolest guy in the whole world. He’s just the nicest person, and he knew I was a big fan of him. He knew how amazing it would be for me to work with him and I am so very grateful.”

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