Tension in BJJ Gym after Heated Political Discussion on Facebook

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Have you ever had a heated discussion on Facebook with someone from your BJJ gym? This is subject of today’s question for the Chewy Ramble.

Our friend, who will go by the alias of Bob, says that recently he had a heated discussion on Facebook with some of his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training partners.

Ever since he says he has noticed a little bit of tension with his training partners and he’s not sure what do or how to bring it up.

In this video I describe a similar situation that happened several years ago where one of my students posted some very distasteful stuff targeted at law enforcement and men and women in the military.

I also describe how social media really isn’t social and how you should be able to express in person what you express through social media.

Because it’s very strange to me that we’re in a world of people who speak through keyboards but then cannot speak to their friends in person.

And if you’re having heated discussion with your training partners from your Brazilian Jiujitsu gym. Make sure to do so with respect and tact towards their beliefs, ideas and views.

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