WAVE Channel 3 [Louisville, KY] – The Morning Show -“Birth Control” (Complete Broadcast, 1/6/1976) 📺

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Not from Chicago, but of informational significance (and a future Chicago connection), is a look at the issue of birth control and family planning (and more specifically, “The Pill”) on The Morning Show on WAVE Channel 3 in Louisville, KY.

The hosts of this open call-in show are Dale Greer and Mary Ann Childers (a Louisville native who within a few years would become a fixture on Chicago TV, first on WLS Channel 7 from 1980 to 1994 and then on WBBM Channel 2 through 2008). The guests are (in order of appearance) ob-gynecologist Dr. Christine Cook, urologist Dr. Mark Sexter, and Louisville Area Family Planning Council director Ned Harris. A featurette from psychologist Dr. Sonya Friedman is also shown during the course of the program.

(TECHNICAL NOTE: The CG typesetting was Vidifont’s 18 and 28 point CBS News 36, a common fixture in many local TV stations during the 1970’s.)


Incomplete promo for NBC News special, New World, Hard Choices: American Foreign Policy 1976, for 8:00pm (7:00pm Central)

Dale and Mary Ann preview upcoming Morning Show and the topic to be discussed

Promo for weather forecast with Tom Wills with animated character and goofy music

Station ID with promo for midday WAVE News for 12:00 noon

Opening titles, followed by Dale welcoming Mary Ann as his new co-host, giving out open line for upcoming show, and notice shown on lower third: “Today’s discussion is of an adult nature and may not be suitable for children.” Dale then previews a new featurette from Good Morning America commentator Sonya Friedman (later to be known for the nationally syndicated Sonya Live).

First guest Dr. Cook then discusses The Pill’s function, side effects, and other matters related thereto. At various points lower-thirds relating to I.U.D., Diaphram(sic), Spermicidal Agents and condoms are shown on the screen.

Commercial: Gloria Marshall Figure Control Salons

Commercial: Restonic Bed-Centennial Giveaway

Dale and Mary Ann’s next guest is Dr. Sexter, who speaks about vasectomy, with Before and After charts shown along the way.

Commercial: Dollar General Stores

Mr. Harris joins the panel, and speaks on the facilities and services offered by his council, with the other panelists also joining in. The Council’s address is shown at one point on a blue screen. Demonstrations of some of the tools used in the facility are shown.

Repeat of Gloria Marshall Figure Control Salons commercial

Dale introduces Dr. Friedman’s first featurette (on tape), which deals with the issue of wife-beating, then we get back to the discussion with the guests, and Dr. Cook asked about a Colorado study which linked The Pill to womb cancer. With that, the program ends.

Ending credits:

The Morning Show
With: Dale Greer, Mary Ann Childers
Music by: Bob Millard
Directed By: Thomas M. Kehrer
Portions Pre-recorded
This Has Been A WAVE-TV Studio Presentation

This aired on local Louisville TV on Tuesday, January 6th 1976.

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