1926 Marketing Testimonial – Large Facebook Sticker, Louisville, KY

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Hey my name is Matthew Martin I’m with 1926Marketing.com, and currently I use FollowMeSticker – really really cool – and so does my client Shogun Japanese Steakhouse here in Louisville Kentucky, and currently they have a Facebook Sticker right here, like me sticker right here on the front door, as well as a table tent inside, and I’ve been noticing probably about 20-30 likes a week, so very very effective and I love them, so all my clients have these on their door, and inside their business. FollowMeSticker.com, very very cool – love it!

in this video Matthew Martin shows off a Facebook FollowMeSticker in action for his client Shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Louisville, KY- the steakhouse had this to say about Matthews work: 1926 Marketing has done a phenomenal job! We came in with nothing & within 2 months everything started picking up. We are seeing a lot more traffic, and we are better able to communicate with our customers. I would recommend 1926 Marketing for every business! Social Media is a must! -Owen

About FollowMeSticker:
FollowMeSticker.com provides Social Media Products and Social Networking Marketing Materials that let brands engage with LOCAL customers and GENUINE fans on Social Networks. Currently FollowMeSticker.com makes Stickers, Table Tents, and Window Clings for brands that are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and recently Meetup.com – setup some Table Tents in your local shop or restaurant and encourage a faster growing online audience that is proven to create more buzz both online and offline.

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