My Revolutionary Road: Plans for Hiking from Chicago, IL to Louisville, KY

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Here I announce my hiking plans.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movie was “Revolutionary Road” with Kate Winslet. Maybe what I found attractive about it was the sense of life Richard Yates incorporated into it as it was his debut novel. I guess it was post-modern in theme… or at least contained the idea that you can buck convention, recreate yourself, and live a happy life even if you go against prevailing social norms and conventions. I like that. It alleviates some hard borne guilt. Unfortunately it ended as a tragedy or cautionary tail… one that we should heed.

Frank and April Wheeler had this life altering plan to move to Paris and remake their lives. As they began telling people of their plan and accepting that it was going to happen, people would question them, Frank’s happiness and job performance increased, and the financial reward to renege grew tremendously. When they finally discarded their plans the consequences manifested in reality…. as the every man’s anti-Shakespearian tragedy.

I keep thinking of this movie as I make plans to hike from Chicago to Louisville. It’s a desperation. There are many reasons not to do it. However… I’ve finalized my start date even though I pushed it back a bit, April 9, I purchased a bus ticket to Chicago.

I’m never going to be ready for hikes like this financially or otherwise so…. I’m just going to do it. There are far worse consequences than not going for it when the stars occasionally align in your favor.

I’m going to practice meditating every day until I hike and then I’m going to find some good walking guided meditations to continue onward. I’ll hopefully have finished a book that I will put on sale, as edition 1 of many future editions, that can help me rationalize the finances of it all. I’m networking with many people and pulling myself out of isolation and depression.

I cannot wait to do this. It makes me so fucking happy to think about what a challenge this will be.

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