Social Media Isn’t Really Social

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You know . . . social media isn’t really “social.”

Yes, I can exchange a message and share an idea.

But I can’t see how it directly affects you at the moment you receive it.

Inside of humans exist mirror neurons which allow us to pick up on the emotions of others.

It’s why, unless you’re a complete narcissist, you have some level of empathy toward others.

Yesterday morning as I board my 1st flight.

I ended up sitting near a young girl and boy (maybe 6-7).

They both kept looking back towards the seats further back with concern.

I looked back to see an older woman making eye contact with them. Her body language was concerned and anxious as well.

I could FEEL their anxiety and nervousness.

They said it was their grandmother and that this was their very 1st flight.

I approached the grandmother and asked her if she’d like to switch seats.

She hugged me and off she went to sit next to her nervous grandkids.

Seeing all three of them happy made me happy. Because emotions are contagious.

And because I genuinely enjoy making people’s day just a little better if I can.

Even if it’s just exchanging a seat on a flight.

This weekend there were lots of smiles as I got to meet a ton of you in person!

We’d chat for a minute or two, take a picture and usually end it with a hug.

I met several people after their matches telling me how they received some encouragement to compete from the videos.

Even a couple who said they used the techniques with success during the competition.

One guy who came to me sporting a bronze medal around his neck said he used the grip breaking techniques to win 3 of his matches that day.

Which is the ultimate for me. Seeing someone put the techniques I share into action on a high level like that is awesome.

If you get tangled up in the grips.

(Click here to check out the Get a Grip Series and start breaking them:

The only bad thing is that many of you started off by saying, “Hey sorry to bother you but . . .”

Don’t be sorry if you see me in person and want to say hello!
Because then I get to hear in your words. . .

But more importantly see through your body language, how the thoughts and ideas I share have impacted you.

This completes the cycle and makes the social media more of a social thing.

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