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DDBS aims to to support organizations who work to advance Diverse Owned Businesses. Each year the DDBS committee chooses an organization that meets specific criteria and aligns with our objectives of strengthening the capacity and scale of Diverse Owned Businesses. The Summit seeks to help leaders of large corporate entities develop and strengthen ties with diverse owned firms who have strong capacity and scalability that can help grow the corporation’s market share. By attending, guests will have the ability to attend development seminars, panel discussions, and even hear from highly sought after speakers to share their experiences in the business world of diversity. Derby Diversity Summit activities will be held at the Galt House Hotel – The Official Hotel Sponsor of the Kentucky Derby in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, The Galt House Hotel offers world-class waterfront rooms and suites as well as top notch amenities. Family owned and operated, the Galt House is a legendary Louisville hotel that is known for offering a unique southern experience and gracious hospitality.
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Murray, Kentucky, in Calloway county, is 53 miles W of Clarksville, Tennessee (center to center)and 90 miles W of Nashville, Tennessee. The city has a population of 14,950. The city of Murray is the county seat of Calloway County. The Calloway County is located in the Jackson Purchase region. The city was named after John L. Murray, a congressman. In the early 19th century, the city of Murray began as a post office and trading center. The city at that time was known as Williston. It was named in the honor of James Willis. The name of the city was further changed to Pooltown and Pleasant Springs. It was incorporated in the year 1884. The state legislature divided the area into two separate counties in the year 1842. Tourists can take a look around the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site, which tells the city’s history. The most common occupations in the Advertising, public relations & related services Industry Group, by number of employees, are Advertising sales agents; Miscellaneous managers; and Designers. Compared to other Industry Groups, Advertising, public relations & related services employs an unusually high number of Advertising & promotions managers; Advertising sales agents; and Models, demonstrators, & product promoters. The highest paid occupations in Advertising, public relations & related services, by average wage, are Chief executives & legislators; Purchasing managers; and Miscellaneous assemblers & fabricators. The Derby Diversity & Business Summit will not only ensure the groups experience Derby to the fullest, it will also allow them to develop lasting relationships with each other and gain inspiration for their continued success. The summit will cover the following fascinating topics: Big Data, The Rise of Block Chain; Advanced Manufacturing; Crypto Currencies; The Experience Economy; Smart Cities – Connecting Ecosystems; Cloud Technology; Social Entrepreneurship; Meet Gen Z; Strategic Supplier Diversity Solutions; It’s Not Competition. It’s Capacity Building. At this event, guests will have the chance to attend A-List celebrity events and the derby festivities with peers.
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