Accessibility in Technology ft. Elizabeth Gray and Tyler Mullins

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Elizabeth Gray, Software Development Engineer with CloudFit
Introduction to Accessibility

Sometimes Accessibility can be tough to wrap your head around, but it is becoming clearer every day just how important it is and how much it can benefit everyone. In this session, we will explore some basics of Accessibility that can help you be an Accessibility ally in your personal and professional life.

Most of my Accessibility knowledge came from the little over 3 years I worked in the IT Department at the American Printing House for the Blind here in Louisville, KY. While there, I was always looking to provide accessible technology training, help implement more Accessible technology options, and learn everything I could to help others. After graduating from Code Louisville in 2018, I decided to switch from tech support to a more development oriented career. I currently work as a Software Development Engineer with CloudFit Software, but I continue to work to find ways to help with Accessibility due to how important it is to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Tyler Mullins, Software Engineer with Humana
Accessibility Drives Innovation: the Curb Cut Effect

It is an unfortunate truth that making your software accessible can be difficult and complex, and that accessibility is often put on the back burner – when it should be the foundation of every application and website. In this presentation we will dive into the world of assistive technology and discuss how the field of accessibility has driven many of the technological innovations we all use today, how we all benefit from accessible applications even when we think we don’t, and how it (sort of) all began with sidewalks in Michigan.

Tyler Mullins is an Appalachian native and a queer software engineer specializing in front-end development and user experience research and design. With a background in non-profits and affordable housing, he followed a non-traditional path into the tech industry and is now building better internal experiences in the healthcare sector. He is passionate about inclusion and diversity in tech, accessibility in design and development, and opening pathways into technology for others. He is a Code Louisville graduate-turned-mentor and firmly believes that technology should be empowering and empathetic.

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