Georgia Tech vs Louisville 2018: Every Offensive Play

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Wow…. how does BVG still have a job?

Notes from this week:

* Primarily Base and Tight formations with a little heavy mixed it
* You’ll notice Louisville has their last man on the LOS in about a 4i and GT ran multiple looks right at him with Triple and Midline. Louisville looked so lost sometimes it was hard to tell if players were intentionally unblocked or just wildly out of position (so don’t crucify me if a few plays are mislabeled)
* I think this is the first real Belly Option we’ve seen this season
* Rocket Toss back with a vengeance to both the boundary and the field sides
* I’m pretty sure the ‘QB Sweeps’ are correct as opposed to ‘Lead Option’ – at no point is Oliver looking to pitch the ball – either that or Louisville made the reads super easy
* I know I’ve said this – but these videos are so much more fun to make when the offense is clicking. Hats off to CPJ for an excellently called game.

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