The 5 Best Cloud Cloaked Ships Ever Caught Countdown – Fallen Angel Technology; Cloud Cloaked Crafts

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Welcome to the Boogie Man Channel Cloud Cloaked Craft Countdown. In this video we will countdown the 5 best crafts cloaked in clouds the world has ever seen. This video is important and fun.There are so many things you could learn from this – especially is you’re studying cloud cloaked crafts. This is amazing. From standard cloud cloaked ships and standard T3RB ships in the clouds to drone ships moving faster than light painting the blue of the sky – we’ve recorded it all.

My wife and I are sky watchers through and through. To the point of nausea. In this video we will take a look at 5 different cloud cloaked crafts and study their movements in the sky above our heads. This will be a show you don’t want to miss.

In these 5 amazing video clips we will show the work of the Boogie Man, Boogie Bexx and Rex. Nobody else we need to note.

As you are watching these video clips of cloud cloaked ships ever caught you need to ask yourself if this is the watchers from the book of Enoch or just Fallen Angel Technology that has been re-engineered by the powers that be. If you’re not aware of Fallen Angels or the Fallen Angel Technology well then it’s time for you to read the Book of Enoch. There are A LOT of answers in that book. So many I can’t begin to get into all of the details.

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