Louisville Chiropractic: Dr Stephen Graham Describes What To Expect When You Visit His Office

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http://www.GrahamChiropracticLouisville.com/ Louisville chiropractor Dr. Stephen Graham walks you through visiting his office for the first time. Exactly what can you expect? How are Chiropractic services delivered?

Dr Graham provides and extensive consultation to identify the precise problems you are having. By carefully listening to your symptoms he can identify the pain pattern you are having. With this he can identify where the pain is coming from. Then with the traumatic history he can time date the cause of the problem. Finally he discusses what may make your condition better or worse and what kinds of treatment you have had in the past.

This takes us to the examination. The postural/alignment analysis will reveal where your areas of stress are. By examining how your frame is aligned Dr Graham begins to identify what needs to be done. Next is the spinal tenderness check. If you have tender areas around your spine it usually means inflammation. Usually you will find a pinched nerve around these areas.

Finally X Rays reveal structural problems in the spine. These reveal which spinal bones are bearing abnormal stress. These areas can cause disc bulges, disc degeneration, and spinal arthritis. These conditions all lead to chronic spinal back pain.

After gathering all information Dr Graham will go over his finding with you and present you with a formal report of findings and discuss possible treatment options and discuss if more diagnostics or other specialists are needed.

After all of this you enter the correction phase of the treatment. Dr Graham uses cutting edge neural impulse adjusting technology. Computerized adjusting tools provide painless alignment for your spine. This is the safest and fastest pain free method to precisely align your spine. This can quickly and effectively treat Sciatica, Stenosis, Bulging Discs, Herniated Discs, and post surgical problems.

Dr Graham works more closely with the medical profession than ever as these doctors realize the value of Chiropractic in helping their patients avoid surgery for back problems.

This information about Chiropractic has been provided to increase your comfort level as you make your important treatment decision.

Dr. Stephen Graham is a Louisville Chiropractor who has been in practice since 1991. His many years of experience combined with the latest technology brings you the best treatment possible for your back pain issues.

Dr. Graham has a whole series of learning videos on his YouTube Channel, please like and subscribe so you can get all of the updates. Call or visit Graham Chiropractic Louisville today and get yourself back to health.

00:06 What can a new patient expect at Graham Chiropractic
00:22 The Pain Pattern
00:47 The Dramatic Injury
01:17 The Symptom History
01:47 The Postural and Aligment Exam
02:09 Spinal Tenderness
02:25 Spinal XRays and Analasys
02:56 Report of Findings
03:40 Is An MRI or Outside Consultation Required
03:52 Computerized Chiropractic Adjustment
04:36 The Bottom Line

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