Premier Retirement Destinations | Louisville, KY | Fisher Investments [2018]

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Are you considering where to move after retirement? In this video series from Fisher Investments, we discuss Louisville, Kentucky, as a premier retirement destination to consider. When planning your retirement and where you want to live, consider the type of activities you enjoy. If you like horseracing and rolling hills, you’ll love Louisville! The city hosts the Kentucky Derby, America’s premier horse race, and is home to many of the nation’s top horse farms. If you’re a college sports enthusiast, you’ll have fun getting caught up in the fierce rivalry between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.
From a culture perspective, Louisville is one of the best places to retire—enjoy the theatre or an opera at a much lower cost than cities such as San Francisco or New York. The average cost of a three-course meal for two is a mere ! Want something to pair with dinner? Try some locally distilled bourbon. One-third of all bourbon comes from Louisville, making the city an ideal destination for enthusiasts who love to try small, distinctive bourbon batches. Combined with over 120 parks and increasing walk- and bike-friendly amenities, Louisville, Kentucky, is a breath of fresh air for today’s retirees.
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