Top 20 Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky

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Here are top 20 things to do in Louisville, Kentucky
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1. Be Inspired For Greatness At The Muhammad Ali Center –
2. Get Some Oxygen At Louisville Waterfront Park –
3. Learn The History Of The Louisville Slugger –
4. Understand What Makes A Thoroughbred At The Kentucky Derby –
5. Have Fun At The Largest Science Museum in Kentucky –
6. Watch The Kentucky Derby At Churchill Downs –
7. Watch Performing Arts At The Kentucky Center –
8. See Fast Art At The Speed Art Museum –
9. The Kentucky Museum Of Art And Craft –
10. Remember Those Who Died For The United States –
11. Meet The Animals At Louisville Zoo –
12. Cruise Up The Ohio River –
13. Spend The Night At The 21C Hotel –
14. Ride The Rides At Kentucky Kingdom –
15. Pitch Up At A Louisville Bats Game –
16. Prepare To Be Scared At Waverly Hills Sanatorium –
17. Watch A Live Performance At The KFC Yum! Center –
18. Enjoy A Performance At The Actors Theatre of Louisville –
19. Stay A Night At The Historic Brown Hotel –
20. Enjoy A Performance At The Louisville Palace –
thumbnail: Lotus Elise & Graffiti –

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