Traffic Jam in Louisville, KY

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Honors for this video (7/21/2011)
#194 – Most Viewed (Today) – Travel & Events – India

This all-new production features recent digital video shot entirely with a Jazz DVZ 100 Digital Video Camera.

This was recorded during the spring of 2011 on the way to Tennessee to visit family and friends:

Setting out on a brief trip to Tennessee for various events and celebrations, I make my way south out of the Greater Cincinnati area where I currently live. As I exit I-71 onto I-65 South through Louisville, I find myself in the middle of rush hour traffic. I turn on the cam-corder to capture the slow moving traffic jam. I have prepared for this by placing the cam-corder up on the dash of my car to shoot through the windshield as I drive.

In this video, I capture the bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go rush hour drive through Louisville, KY on I-65 South as I make my way to Tennessee. You’ll travel along as I navigate through the slow moving traffic until the jam starts to break up and move more freely.

The time-lapse effect was accomplished by recording in normal speed and then rendering the video at approximately 12 times the normal speed.

The original music is performed by Kevin MacLeod and it is provided royalty free from

The raw video was edited with Vegas 8. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

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